“Influence people around with
your behaviors and results.
Lead by persuasion, not fear.”

-Maryann Karinch
Literary Agent
Human Behavior Specialist


Every audience is different, so every presentation or coaching session is different. If you want to learn how extreme athletes use intelligent risk-taking to succeed in business, I can tell you stories to bring the lessons alive. If you want to discover how to read and use interpersonal skills such as lie detection, tell me your focus–customer service, law enforcement, lobbying–and I will help you do your job.

Keyote or Coaching

Business Lessons from the Edge

The lessons are practical insights from extreme athletes who are also senior executives at companies. The entertainment value is the stories of high-risk situations in sport and business. The practical valueis performance techniques that help you put the lesson to work in your business!

Many of these insights were featured in USA Today‘s Money section, Investor’s Business Daily, San Jose Mercury News, Forum with Michael Krasny on KQED (NPR in San Francisco and nationwide), and many other venues.

Keyote or Training

Interpersonal Skills that Give You a Competitive Advantage

Coaching on Reading People Around You, Communicating Precisely, and Influencing the Mood and Behavior of Others

In the 12 books on interpersonal skills that I’ve authored or co-authored with experts, I’ve covered interpersonal skills such as reading and using body language, questioning, rapport-building, influencing others, lie detection, and methods of controlling conversations. Through personal or small-group coaching, or through presentations and workshops designed for larger groups, participants learn and hone skills such as these.

Features of All Courses:

  • Demonstrations
  • Role-Playing
  • Participation and demonstration of skills by class members
  • Visual presentation tools/related hand-outs

Customized Elements of Courses:

  • Skills emphasized
  • Examples used to illuminate key points
  • If/then exercises in which participants pose situations/challenges integral to their woek that lead to demonstrations, role-playing, and discussion


“As an award-winning speaker myself, and speech coach to celebrity speakers, authors, and executives, I know a good speaker when I see one. Even though I have no interest at all in sports, when I heard Maryann Karinch talk on “Extreme Athletes” I was enthralled, captivated, and inspired to race to the back of the room and buy her book. I was not the only one. After a standing ovation, the rest of the audience, who were 98% male rushed to purchase her book also. This audience has NEVER done that before.

If you want an interesting message, well delivered, by a speaker who will connect with your audience Maryann Karinch could well be for you.”

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Past President National Speakers Association

“Maryann is a very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.  Her expertise in reading body language has provided excellent training to our membership through her “Tell Me No Lies” presentation.  This training has helped raise the level of customer service we provide and the safety of officers in the field.”

Juan S. Flores
Colorado Association of Code Enforcement Officials (CACEO)

“Maryann Karinch is always filled with energy as she helps George Mason University’s Faculty and Staff learn facts about Body Language.  During our most recent Customer Service Week she had all of the chairs filled for her seminar, ‘Don’t Be Fooled or Look Foolish Again: Reading and Using Body Language to Your Advantage.’  Some of the feedback from her class includes comments such as:

“The workshop made me look inside myself and think more carefully about my interactions with my co-workers, students and others.”

“Fantastic! Made a difficult subject much more comfortable to deal with.”

“Energetic, entertaining and presented her material well.”

“Very informative, animated presenter; keeps the audience involved.”

We always are delighted having Maryann present information about Body Language using her fun, energetic and meaningful way of teaching.  We look forward to body language 201 in the next year.”

Lori Ann Roth
Director, Training & Development
Human Resources & Payroll Department
George Mason University