“The same skills that help you detect
deception also help you upgrade
interpersonal communication”

-Maryann Karinch
Literary Agent
Human Behavior Specialist


My consulting addresses an organization’s need for extreme interpersonal skills—a phrase coined by my co-author on seven human behavior books, Gregory Hartley. “Risk” and “security” are keywords for many of the organizations that hire me. Their common goal is that they have a mission to protect something and/or someone. That said, the exact outcomes they desire from having their teams work with me may overlap, but they are all a little bit different..

When I know what outcomes you want from my consulting in matters related to human behavior, then I can offer you specific options on services. To help you ascertain what outcomes you want, I’m going to offer you some of those expressed by previous and current clients:

  • Reading people
  • Influencing the behavior of others
  • Rapport-building
  • Lie Detection
  • Extracting truthful information

To some extent, what I can offer depends on what a client already knows in terms of human behavior and how the organization is applying that knowledge. I have walked into many groups who already had training in human motivation, handling difficult people, and rapport-building, for example, however their theoretical knowledge didn’t show up when they faced a practical test. One of the most important things I can provide is an understanding of how to give that theoretical knowledge shape and power in their daily lives on the job.

Here’s the kind of practical information I delve into that comes directly from the intelligence community. We know these things are important and we know that they help people operate effectively in high-pressure environments.

  • Correlations between emotions and movement
  • Detecting indications of stress
  • Conversation motivators
  • Tools to manage conversations
  • Ways to accelerate rapport-building
  • Analyzing information in real time
  • Questioning techniques

If you are considering hiring me, what I recommend you do is this: Focus on what outcomes would be ideal for you. What is the most important area of performance that you would like to see improved? What do you want your teams to know and apply in the area of interpersonal skills?

After that, call or send me an email and we can get started!